In the city of Patan, outside of Kathmandu, live the members of the Sakya caste, the caste that the Buddha was born into 2,500 years ago. They are silversmiths and statue makers and since that time their work as metal casters has been in demand in India, Tibet and China. Sakya artisans helped to build the 7th century Jokhang Cathedral in Lhasa and there were Nepalese artists in the Imperial Atelier during the Yuan Dynasty century if not before. Every 10 years in Patan a huge festival is held to bless the statues and artists who make them. For 3 days the streets are lined with life sized statues of the Buddha Matreya all dressed in beautiful silk costumes. The statue makers sit beside their creations while the people give offerings of rice, candies and money. Each statue is regarded as the actual embodiment of wisdom, compassion and the Buddha dharma. We have picked the best we could find.

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1. Brass Vajrasattva 8" (20 cm.) including base. Brass. Seated on a wooden lotus base and holding the bell of wisdom and the dorje of compassion. Beautiful serene face and nice patina. SOLD.
2. Gold Plated Milarepa. Nepal. 7 1/2" (19 cm.) tall. Gold plated copper. The poet-saint of Tibet, seated on a deerskin rug in the traditional pose with his hand to his ear. SOLD.
3. Silver Tara. Solid silver with rubies, emeralds, sapphires, coral and turquoise. 5 1/2" (14 cm.) high. White Tara seated on a lotus and swan throne with flowing robes, a crown of rubies and emeralds, necklace of sapphire, coral, rubies and emeralds and holding a gilded lotus of coral stones in each hand. A large ruby, 1/4" in diameter, sits in her hair. SOLD.
4. Silver, Gilded and Jeweled Chenresig. Sterling silver with gold plating, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, turquoise, lapis and coral. 8" (20 cm.), 1054 grams (2.32 pounds). Dancing on a lotus throne before a aureole set with rubies in the clouds. His hands hold and ax, banner, bow, bell, lotus, arrow and rope. 3 large rubies are set into the throne which has an image of Garuda at the bottom. Amazing. $4800.
5. Buddha Sakyamuni. Copper with gold. Height 13 1/2" (35 cm.) Seated, holding a medicine bowl, his robes edged with gold and decorated with 8 carved gold plated sacred symbol medallions. The back of the lotus throne is inscribed with "Om Mane Padme Hum" in Sanskrit letters. SOLD.
6. Gold Plated Tara. . 4" (10 cm.) tall. Copper, completely plated in gold. A lovely little statue perfect for travel or for a small altar. SOLD.
7. Bronze Stupa with Four Buddhas. 11 1/2". Nepal, mid-20th century. This is a wonderful, very heavy piece. Four Buddhas sit on a lotus blossom, in different mudras. The rounded part of the stupa serves as a parasol over them, and is also decorated with a ring of small Buddhas. The base has guardian lions at the four corners and medallions of multi-armed deities between them. A naga encircles the base of the lotus. $425.
8. Jambhala and Consort. Copper, 8". Jambhala is the Buddhist form of the Hindu god of wealth, Kubera. He is fat and covered with jewels and holds a mongoose in one hand and a flaming jewel in the other. In sexual union with his consort he symbolizes the countless pairs of opposites in mundane existance. These are two solid copper statues joined togeher to make one. SOLD.
9. Copper Amitayus. 5 1/2". Seated on a lotus, wearing jewels, a crown and flowing robes. He holds a vase containing the three jewels, the Buddha the Dharma and the Sangha. SOLD.
10. Copper and Gilt Manjushri. 4" (10 cm) tall. A small and lovely Manjushri holding the flaming sword of wisdom. Gilded copper, exquisitely painted. SOLD.

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