Some Naga Objects

Above: A selection of Naga artifacts. We purchased all of these items between 1978 and 1982 in a gallery of tribal art in New Delhi.

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1. Multi-strand Bead Necklace. 32" long. 78 strands of tiny blue glass beads; the closing is a decorative, worn conch shell. $450.
2. Naga Hat. Length 9 1/2" (24 cm.), width 6" (15.5 cm.) Tightly woven cane, docorated with two strands of twisted rope and a small leather inset. $250.
3. Brass Torque with 2 Heads. Length 15 1/2". Worn by warriors. SOLD.
4. Heirloom Bird Armlets. Brass, cast by the lost wax process with a traditional curl decoration and 2 birds. The inner diameter is 3" (7.6 cm.) and each armlet measures 8" (20 cm.) end to end. SOLD.
5. Bronze Pendant. Mid 20th century. Pendant shaped as a tattoed head flanked by two standing figures. Cast in bronze by the lost wax process and typical of the Thendu Konyak People. Strung on a string of yellow and red glass beads. The pendant is 4" tall, 4 3/4" wide; the strand of beads is 24" long. SOLD.
6. Antique Naga "Carnelian" and Brass Bell Necklace. Old glass beads made to simulate carnelian. Wonderful old bells made by the lost wax process, now so old that they are worn through in places. 28" long. $395.
7. Men's Body Cloth. length 59", width 42". Cowrie shell circles over red dyed dog hair squares. Four blue stripes up each side. Woven in three pieces on a backstrap loom. With several skillful repairs. SOLD.
8. Woven Hat with Two Boars Tusks. 10 1/2" high. Woven of cane in three colors and decorated with large boar's tusks and dyed goat hair. $350. SOLD
9. Headhunter's Basket. 9" high. Woven of cane and decorated with monkey fur, boar's tusk and a wooden head. The carved wooden heads were also often used as a warrior's chest ornament. SOLD.
10. Heirloom Necklace. 41". Painted wood beads, possibly bamboo, and cast metal. $650.

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