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A scene from the Barkor, the inner ring of the three pilgrim walks (koras) around Lhasa. The Barkor circles the Jokhang temple and a market has sprung up so it is possible to shop, socialize and gain merit at the same time. Here, two woman make the kora with prayer wheels, a group of Khampa men stand and talk and in the background an open stall sells Tibetan tents.

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1. Old Knife with Silver. Kham, Tibet. 11 1/2" (29 cm.) long. Very sharp blade with a wooden handle decorated with silver. The sheath covered in leather and silver; a leather strap attaches the knife to the wearer's belt. SOLD.
2. Bhutanese Silver Box. 20th century. Coin silver with gold plate, deeply carved with 2 deer and the Wheel of Law on a lotus blossom. 5" (12cm.) long, 3 1/4" (8 cm.) wide, 1 3/4" (4.5 cm) deep. SOLD.
3. Unusual Large Cupholder. Tibet. 19th Century. Iron with damascened silver, much of it worn away. This was once an elaborate piece with sacred symbols, leaves and flowers decorating the top and sides. 8 1/2" (22 cm.) diameter, 5" (12 cm.) high. $575.
4. Silver and Burlwood Cup. Tibet, 19th - 20th Century. Diameter 4 1/2" (11.4 cm). I think this is burlwood; at any rate it has beautiful swirled coloring and a very fine grain. Lined with silver on the inside and at the base. $495.
5. Tibetan or Mongolian Tea Cup. Diameter 5 3/4" (14.6 cm). Old burlwood with traces of the original lacquer. Both the inside and the base are heavily lined with silver which looks to be newer than the actual cup. The base is worked in a bat and long life design. $675.
6. Ornate Ankhora or Water Pot. Nepal, 6 1/2" tall, 4 1/2" diameter. Early 20th century. Cast in bronze by the lost wax method, ankhoras are used everyday in Nepal for cooking, drinking and cleaning; the more ornate ones like this one are also used in religious ceremonies. Designed for pouring water, the balance is perfect. The narrow neck fits the hand and the wide lip guides the water in an even stream. SOLD.
7. Large Butter Churn. Tibet, 19th century. Churn itself is 32" (81 cm.)high, the stick is 38" (97 cm.) high. Seasoned, smoky wood with hammered brass decoration an a leather strap. $1250. Overseas customers please contact us for shipping costs.
8. Spinning Wheel. 17th to 18th Century. Intricately carved on every surface, a guardian lion at each corner and one inset ivory figure. The uprights are carved with a protecteve Bhairab and two embracing couples. The pieces that hold the thread are also carved with figures. Only a few of the spindles are missing. Height: 16" (40 cm.) Width: 16" (40 cm.) $950.
9. Damascened Iron Dragon Stirrup 19th Century, Tibet. 6" (15 cm.) tall, 5" (13 cm.) wide. Iron, with fierce, open mouthed dragons at the top and geometric silver damascene work down each side. $225.
11. Old Hunter's Strap Tibet. Long leather strap with various implements made of wood, leather, metal and horn. One is a wooden gunpowder holder with leather top, wood and metal spout and leather stopper. Another is a small metal tin, sealed closed with something that rattles inside. There are two leather pouches and various other items. This is the best one of these that I have seen. The length of the strap is 44" (111 cm.) and the wooden gunpowder holder is 4" (10 cm.) wide. SOLD.
12. Leather and Silver Strap. 7 1/2" (19 cm.) long, Central Tibet. A good grade of silver set with two coral stones. This strap would be hung from a belt and in turn various items (a needle case, flint, or purse) would be hung from it. ON HOLD.
13. Set of Surgical Implements. Tibet, mid-20th century. 12 gilded iron tools with brass dragon handles and set in a carved wooden case. Lengths of the tools: between 8" and 9" (20 to 23 cm.) The box closes on two hinges and measures 11" x 9" (28 x 23 cm.) when closed. $2,500.
14. Tibetan Leather Belt. 34" (87 cm.) long, two of metal pieces are 6" (15 cm.) long, three are 5" long. Iron damascened with silver in a foliate design; there's quite a lot of rust on some of the pieces and the hook that closes the belt is missing. One of the metal pieces is only attached to the leather on one side. $250.
15. Old Iron Seal Tibet, 19th Century. 2" (5 cm.) Very old and a bit pitted. Very heavy for its size. $175.
16. Antique Iron Official's Seal. Tibet. Iron - these seals are often said to be mixed with meteorite iron. Height 1 3/4" (44 mm.) $225.
17. Official's Seal Iron, Tibet, 19th Century. 1 5/8" (40 mm.) tall. Marked with the the official's personal symbol. SOLD.
18. 17th Century Copper Rice Measure. Early 1600's, Nepal. With four kings' seals. Used for measuring grains in the marketplace, these measures are stamped with the king's seal when they are made, then they are re-certified every hundred years. It is very rare to find one with four seals. Heavy copper with a wonderful patina. The bottom once had 4 small feet; two are missing. 4 3/4" (12 cm.) high, 9 1/2" (24 cm.) in diameter. ON HOLD.
19. Needle Case with Silver. Tibet, 19th Century. Leather with a silver front worked with a scene of a dog and a rabbit against mountains and a bird in the clouds. In 19th century Tibet a needle was one of the few manufactured objects imported from outside Tibet -- necessary and highly prized. 3 1/4" (8 cm.) long. ON HOLD.
20. 17th Century Newari Box. Nepal, from a house in Kathmandu. This is the last of three boxes that we bought many years ago. The wood is hard and dense, possible from the saal tree and the carving is reminiscent of an old sutra cover. 9" (23 cm) long, 3 1/2" (9 cm) wide, 5" (13 cm) high. $375.
21. Tibetan Silver Encrusted Powder Horn. 11" (28cm.) long. Beautiful powder horn of the type used in eastern Tibet. The horn of a yak or large sheep, hollowed out and decorated with silver flower patterns and a silver top with a silk tassel. From the 1930s. $750.
22. Large Iron Lock. Nepal, 19th Century. The body of the lock is 13" (32 cm.) long, the key is 8" (20 cm.) long. Solid iron, weighing almost 5 lbs. In good working condition. $145.
23. Elaborate Blessing Box. 19th Century Nepal. Wood. 4 1/2" (11 cm.) square, 3 1/2" (9 cm.) high. Used to hold the red, yellow and orange powder that blesses the statues during ceremonies; a wonderful ethnographic piece, beautifully carved. With traces of yellow paint. $95.
24. Lotus Blessing Box. 19th Century Nepal. Wood. 6" (15 cm.) long, 3 1/2" (9 cm.) wide, 1 1/2" (4 cm.) high. Wood, with a carved lotus flower and traces of red paint. SOLD.
25. Brass Oil Lamp. Nepal, 19th Century. 11 1/2" (19 cm.) tall. Beautiful brass with a golden glow about it. Some Sanskrit or Newari writing around the center stem. $325.
26. Powder Horn with Amber Bead. Tibet. 8" (20 cm.) long. Made of a deer's antler and decorated with heavy silver repoussee. Hangs on a leather strap decorated with an amber bead. SOLD.
27. Long Knife. Tibet. 17 1/2" (44 cm.) long. Copper repousse plated with nickel. The front of the sheath is decorated with a sage and a deer in a garden by a river full of fish. Below him is a dragon; all are symbols of good luck and long life. The hasp has a snow lion and the back of the knife is cast with various Buddhist symbols. This is a new knife but a genuine Khampa one, not made for the tourist market. SOLD.
28. Robe Clasp. Tibet, 19th Century. 19" (48 cm.) long. Low grade or nickel silver. Seven hinged pieces, each worked in a scroll design, with hooks at either end to hold the front of the robe closed. A mecha or needle case would have been hung from the front. $125.
29. Fire Mecha. Tibet, 19th Century. Blade is 5" (12 cm.) wide, blade to handle is 4" (10 cm), leather strap is 8" (20 cm.) long. Mecha is the Tibetan word for fire object. The leather purse is made to hold a flint piece and some burnable fluff. The flint is struck against the iron blade, making a spark which is caught in the fluff. Decorated with heavy white metal and brass and a coral stone. A brass Bhairab guards the top. The mecha hangs from a long leather strap. $250.
30. Lime box. Bhutan, 19th Century. 2" (5 cm.) diameter, 1 3/4" high. Brass with silver medallions and a copper bottom. Remnants of lime inside. $175.
31. Silver Lime box. Bhutan, 19th Century. 2 1/2" (6.5 cm.) diameter, 1 3/4" high. Silver flower and leaf designs and a geometric design on the base. Remnants of lime inside. $225.
32. Tibetan Leather Belt. 40" (100 cm.) long. Iron damascened with silver in a foliate design -- 5 pieces on a leather belt. The three large damascened pieces are 6 3/4" (17 cm.) long, the two smaller ones are 3 1/2" or 9 cm. The leather piece that has the holes for fastening the belt is worn through the middle so it can only be fastened at the very end (if you actually plan to wear the belt). $350.
33. Eating Set with Fire Lighter. Mongolia, Early 20th Century. Length 12" (30 cm.), width of lighter 3 3/4" (10 cm.) This is a beautiful set in excellent condition. The chopsticks, toothpick and various buttons are ivory; the knife and sheath have silver detailing and the knife handle and the outside of the sheath are of tortoise shell. The mecha (fire lighter) is of high quality leather and brass. SOLD.
34. Old knife with Horn Handle. Lovely old knife with silver cloud decorations holding turquoise and coral. 10 1/2" long. The handle is silver, horn and brass with a coral stone, the sheath is wrapped with an old piece of leather. ON HOLD.
36. Old Wooden Milk Jug. Nepal, 19th - early 20th century. 10 1/2" (26 cm.) tall. Carved from one piece of wood and decorated with graphic designs. The handle is a graceful stylized figure of an animal with a nice worn patina. This has a wonderful smell that combines smoke and sweet milk and is in very good condition with no cracks. SOLD.

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