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1. Striped Chung Dzi Necklace. Tibet, approx. 2,000 years old. A large collection of ancient striped chung dzi ranging from 11 mm in length to discs of only 1 mm. The widest bead is 11 mm in diameter. The central bead is a nice round black single stripe chung dzi and to one side is a 3 colored chung dzi with one flat side, probably an old break. The necklace is 16" (40 cm) long and strung on silver wire. This is a beautiful piece with many great, although small, beads. $1800.
2. Silver and Brass Lady's Gau. 19th Century, Tibet. Very pretty gau with a silver front, brass back and a beautiful red piece of coral. The gau is tied closed with a leather cord. 2 1/2" (6.5 cm.) high, 2 1/4" (6 cm.) wide and 2" (5 cm.) deep (including the coral). $395.
3. Ruby Amitayus Gau. A figure of Amitayus carved out of a single Burmese ruby, surrounded by emeralds and set in a sterling silver gau, washed with gold. The sides of the box are set with mother-of-pearl in the shape of mountains. This is an amazing, one-of-a-kind piece. The gau measures 2 1/2" wide by 3 3/4" high and 3/4" deep (6.3 cm. by 9.5 cm. by 1.9 cm. deep). The ruby itself is 1 3/4" (4.5 cm.) square. $2750.
4. Banded Agate Necklace with Ancient Beads. South Tibet. Natural banded agate beads strung with ancient blue and yellow glass beads, antique coral and two crystal beads. 23" (58 cm.) long; agates are approx. 12 mm. long. Strung on a nylon cord. We bought this is Lhasa in the 1990s. $750.
5. Berber Coral Necklace. Morocco. Large natural coral beads with an intense orange-red hue. Strung with wooden beads inlaid with very fine silver wire. 20" (50 cm.) long, largest bead 7/8" (21 mm.) long. SOLD.
6. Antique Brass Tribal Necklace. Orissa, India. Adjustable from 20" (51 cm.) to 28" (71 cm.) Small, individually cast pieces in solid brass, some very worn. $375.
7. Round Silver and Brass Gau. Tibet, 19th century. The back and sides of the gau are brass; the face is silver, showing some nice wear. 2 1/2" (6.5 cm.) diameter, 1" deep. $225.
8. Buddha Gau with Rubies and Emeralds. Nepal. Sterling silver plated with gold and set with rubies and emeralds. The gau opens to show a serene turquoise Buddha surrounded by red and blue colored stones. 1 1/2" (4 cm.) high, 1 1/4" (3 cm.) wide. $120.
9. Buddha Gau with Sapphires and Rubies. Nepal. 1 1/4" (3 cm.) in diameter. Gold plated sterling silver with small sappire and ruby stones on the face. Inside the gau is a turquoise Buddha surrounded by red and blue stones. Thre is a raised kalachakra symbol on the back. SOLD.
10. Old Strand of Coral Beads. 63 coral beads that I bought 10 years ago in Nepal. If they were strung in a necklace it would be 16" (40 cm.) long. Each bead is approx. 10 mm in diameter, 5 to 6 mm. thick. SOLD.
11. Jewelled Manjushri Gau. Sterling silver, gold plated, with coral, lapis, ruby, emerald, and turquoise. Manjushri seated on a jewelled lotus holding a sword in one hand and in the other a lotus stem that supports a golden book. Inside the gau is a lapis Mahakala. 2 3/8" (6 cm.) high by 2" (5 cm.) wide. $495.
12. Lhasa Beads. This is a collection of miscellaneous antique beads that we bought from a lady who was wearing them in the Barkor in Lhasa. There are various agate beads, a really nice carnelian bead, a hand made glass bead, and two that seem to be some kind of pottery made to look like dzi. One other is bone? shell? plastic? They are still on the red cord that she was wearing. Longest bead is 1 1/4" (3cm.) All beads together are 8" (20 cm.) SOLD
13. Nine Jewel Ring. 18 karat gold with pearl, sapphire, opal, coral, citrine, emerald, peridot, garnet and a central ruby. Among the Newari people of Kathmandu, the nine jewels are thought to bring harmony and balance which in turn bring good health. On the back of the ring is an engraved double dorje. Size 7 1/2. The face of the ring is 1" long. $475.
14. Tibetan Copal Bead Necklace. Copal beads are worn in Tibet as an alternative to amber. These large beads are capped at each end with brass repousse showing various sacred symbols; many of them also have small turquoise stones set into the brass. They alternate with handmade Indian silver beads. 25" long, the central bead is 1 1/2" long; most of the other beads are approx. 1". SOLD.
15. Nepalese Necklace of Silver Coins. 92 Indian silver Queen Victoria 2 anna (or 1/4 rupee) coins dating from the mid 1800s. Strung on a braided cotton cord. From the mountains of central Nepal. 28" long, each coin 2/3" (16mm) in diameter. $1200.
16. Antique Naga "Carnelian" and Brass Bell Necklace. Antique Naga "Carnelian" and Brass Bell Necklace. Old glass beads made to simulate carnelian. Wonderful old bells made by the lost wax process, now so old that they are worn through in places. 28" long. $395.

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