Ancient agates, dzi, coral and amber decorate the throne room of the
Jowo Sakyamuni in Lhasa

  Tibetan Dzi Beads are thought to bring good luck and protect the wearer from harm. Legend says that they are supernatural, dropped from the heavens, that they are the dung of the Garuda bird, or that they were once creatures that crawled in the ground. They can be crushed for use in Tibetan medicines, they decorate Tibet's most precious statues, and they are passed through families for generations. The earliest date from around 2000 BC.

 Etched Carnelian Beads were first made in the ancient Hrappan civilization in the Indus Valley around 2600 BC. They are therefore the oldest of the "etched" family of beads, predating the Tibetan Dzi.

 We also have ancient natural banded agate beads, Tibetan amber and other interesting beads that we have bought in the marketplace in Lhasa over the years. Any of these beads could anchor a necklace or be attached to a mala. May they bring you good fortune.

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1. Strand of Ancient Small Chung Dzi. 51 beads. Diameters range from 2 mm. to 11 mm, bead lengths range from discs only 1.5 mm. thick to 8 mm. Total length of the strand is 8" (20 cm.) $750.
2. Seven Ancient Chung Dzi, One with 10 Eyed Honeycomb. Tibet, age: 2000 years old. A collection of 7 black and white beads. Four are natural banded agate, one is a honeycomb dzi with 10 eyes, and two are small one stripe chung dzi. The honeycomb dzi is 6 mm. long and 9 mm. in diameter; the longest bead is 10 mm. $325.
3. Black Banded Agate Beads. Central Asia. A necklace of beautiful dark agate beads worn smooth. Longest bead is 31mm. and the smallest is 20 mm. long. The total length of the beads, not including the string at the ends, is 20" (50 cm.) SOLD.
4. Ancient Single Stripe Chung Dzi. Tibet, 1000 BC to 1000 AD. Dark color with contrasting stripe. With 2 natural quartz inclusions. 12 mm. in diameter, 13 mm. high. $120.
5. Ancient Cone Bead with Eyes. Indus Valley, 1000 BC to 500 AD. I bought this in Tibet but the shape and pattern are like Indus Valley beads. Natural greyish stone with etched darker lines. Diameter is 16 mm, 12 mm. high. $145.
6. Ancient Natural One Eyed Dzi. Tibet. A rare ancient bead of two-toned agate with a multi-layered eye. Excellent condition, no chips or cracks. Diameter, 18 mm. $175.
7. Six Ancient Etched Carnelian Beads. Indus Valley, 400 BC to 400 AD. Beautiful color with finely etched designs. In very good condition; a group of beads like this is very hard to find. Beads range from 11 mm. to 13 mm. long. $950.
8. Large Antique Turquoise Bead. Tibet. Beautiful bright color and smooth feel, no chips or cracks, great condition. I bought this on our first trip to Lhasa in 1985. 25 mm. long, 24 mm. wide, 10 mm. thick. $225.
9. Antique Pema Raka with Eye. Tibet, over 300 years old. 21 mm. long. This is a beautiful, very old bead, deep orange in color, translucent in places, with natural stripes and a long natural eye. Bought in the Barkhor in 1997. $145.
10. Nine Etched Carnelian Beads. Indus Valley, 400 BC to 400 AD. A selection of striped beads with color ranging from deep orange-red to a paler orange, all in good condition. Longest bead is 15 mm., smallest is 8 mm. $525.
11. Etched Carnelian Disk Bead. Indus Valley, 1000 BC to 500 AD. The color in the bead varies from pale to dark with design of etched lines. 12mm. in diameter, the bead is 3mm. thick. $65.
12. Group of Pale Ancient Carnelian Beads. Indus Valley, 400 BC to 400 AD. A beautiful group of seven carnelian beads, each with a different design. The longest bead is 18 mm, the smallest is 15 mm and the round beads are 15 mm. in diameter. $395.
13. Five Ancient Striped Carnelian Beads. Indus Valley, 400 BC to 400 AD. With some weathering but overall in very good condition. 11 mm. to 19 mm. long. $275.
14. Large Banded Carnelian Bead. Tibet, 300 to 500 AD. 1 1/8" (27 mm.) A very rare naturally striped carnelian bead whose almost perfect natural stripes have been enhanced by the etching process. Chips on one side. SOLD.
15. Banded Agate with Ancient Beads. Tibet. Natural banded agate beads strung with ancient blue and yellow glass beads, antique coral and two crystal beads. We bought this is Lhasa in the 1990s. 23" (58 cm.) long; agates are approx. 12 mm. long. $750.
16. Group of Banded Agate and Etched Carnelian. Ancient Bactria and Tibet, collected in Nepal. Three black and white banded agate beads, one long agate and 5 ancient etched carnelian beads. Smallest bead 3/8" (1 cm.) long; longest bead 1 1/4" (3 cm.) long. $275.
17. Round One Stripe Chung Dzi. Tibet, 1000 BC to 1000 AD. A nice one stripe round chung dzi, ideal for stringing on a mala. Diameter, approx. 16mm. SOLD.
18. Three Round Etched Carnelian Beads. Indus Valley, 400 BC to 400 AD. Each etched in a spiderweb design and in very good condition. 13 mm. diameter. $225.
19. Ancient Persepolis Beads. Iran, ca. 1500 BC. A strand of mostly faience, some glass beads from the ancient city of Persepolis. A nice selection of shapes and colors made into a necklace with a pretty bee clasp. Length of necklace: 20" (51 cm.) $250.
20. Small Ancient Chung Dzi. Tibet, 1000 BCE to 1000 CE. A three strip chung dzi, white on a deep black bead. 13 mm. long. $195.
21. Part of an Ancient Large Chung Dzi. Tibet, ca. 1000 BCE to 1000 CE. This is half a bead that would have originally been more than 7 cm. long. It has been worn for many years as a dzi in its own right and the place where it is broken is worn smooth. There is a distinct crystalline eye on one side; this would be a striking center bead for a necklace. 35 mm. SOLD.
22. Long strand of Ancient Etched Carnelian and Dzi Beads. Tibet and Central Asia, 300 B.C. to 200 A.D. Etched carnelian and agate Bactrian beads, chung dzi beads and some banded agate. These beads were collected all along the Silk Road and thought to be supernatural in Tibet. 83 beads, the strand is 37 1/2" (95 cm.) long. The beads range from 1/4" (5 mm.) to 1" (26 mm). Some of the carnelian shows some corrosian as a result of age and, sometimes, extended burial. $3,500.
23. Ancient Etched Carnelian. Central Asia, 400 B.C. to 400 A.D. Large etched carnelian with nice color. 18 mm. $120.
24. Ancient Etched Carnelian. Central Asia, 400 B.C. to 400 A.D. Etched carnelian, small than the one above. 13 mm. $85.

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