In a 16th century thanka, books are brought from India to Tibet.

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1. 16th or 17th Century Sanskrit Book. 12" (30 cm.)long, 3 1/2"(9 cm.) wide, 2 1/4" (6 cm.) thick. Nepal, 119 pages, five pages with fine paintings of deities, the rest of the pages are commentary and prayers written in several different hands. The book is complete, with no missing pages; all pages are legible. Between plain wooden covers. $1500.
2. Large Sanskrit Book with Painted Covers. Length 11" (28 cm.), width 4" (10 cm.), 3 1/2" (9 cm.) thick, including covers. 18th - 19th Century, over 200 pages. Two wood covers - one painted with a swastika design, the other with a pattern that looks something like a tiger. The inside of the covers show Ganesh and various deities while the first page has two seated figures and a snow lion. Hand written by several different hands on thick paper. $650.
3. Sanskrit Book with Paintings. Nepal, 19th Century. 12" long, 3 1/2" high, 140 pages. With plain wood covers. Four pages have fine paintings of deities. $650.
4. 13th or 14th Century Book Cover. Tibet. Ancient wood book cover carved wth a central Buddha figure with Manjushri on one side, Channa Dorje on the other. The three main figures each surrounded with smaller buddhas. 10 1/4" (26 cm.) long, 4" (10 cm.) wide. SOLD.
5. Carved and Painted Book Cover. Tibet, 16th - 17th Century. 30" (76 cm.) long by 12" (30 cm.) wide. The outside of the cover carved with a Sanskrit mantra and diamond shapes holding scrolled designs. Some of the original red paint and gilding remain. The inside beautifully painted with three lamas in conversation on a red floral background. Some wear of the paint and an old crack and repair in one corner (see photos.) SOLD.
6. 16th C. Prajnaparamita Sutra Page. Tibet. A page from Vasubandhu's commentary on the Prajnaparamita written in gold powder bound with glue on thick black mulberry pages. Written on both sides, some tears to the edges visible in photos. Length: 27" (68 cm.), width: 7" (18 cm). $150.
7. Pages from Old Tibet Book with Buddha Paintings. 17th Century. 11" (28 cm.) long, 4 1/2" (11.5 cm.) wide. 58 pages handwritten on mulberry paper, some very fragile. With 10 paintings of Buddhas and Buddhist teachers. SOLD.
8. Magic Charm Printing Block. 19th Century. 9" square, 1/2" thick. Carved with mantras and magic charms. The center is a deep well so that there is space for a specific magic symbol to be written on the charm after printing. Usually these charms will be pasted to the wall of a house or folded and worn in a gau. This printer has been used many times and is probably too worn to print well but the patina and the piece itself are beautiful and has it a magic feel. $225.
9. Tibetan Book with Paintings. 19th Century. 16" (41 cm.) long, 5 1/2" wide (13 cm.). 110 pages, with a painted front cover made from several layers of paper bound together and having 11 pages with various other paintings. $575.
10. Pancharaksha Manuscript Page. Nepal, 17th Century. 12" (30 cm.) by 4" (10 cm.) From a manuscript containing five protective hymns and their respective goddesses. The painting is of a richly jewelled goddess seated on a Garuda and holding different attributes in each of her six arms. Probably the last page in the book as the text is one side of the page only. SOLD.
11. Sanskrit Horoscope. Nepal, Early 20th Century, 18 pages folded accordian-style. 10" (25 cm.) wide by 4 1/2" (12 cm.) high. Painted on paper and containing one large picture of Brahma receiving offerings and 9 smaller pictures of Hindu deities. On the back are rough drawings of a Buddhist stupa, meditating monks and other images. Half of the pages are empty, indicating that this horoscope book may not have been used. $450.

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