Kabindrapur Temple in Kathmandu, built in the 17th Century for staging dance performances.

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1. Bhairab Temple Strut. 17th century, Kathmandu Valley. Carved from heavy sal wood, Bhairab stands on a figure of a lion with one foot in the air. Above him are stylized leaves and flowers. He wears a necklace of skulls and has a snake coiled around him; in one hand he holds a sword, in one and shield, in one a skull cup and the forth is in a blessing mudra. 30.75" (78 cm.) tall. $2200.
2. 18th Century Wood Architectural Panel of Krishna. 11" tall, 6" wide, 5" deep. A decorative piece from an old house in Kathmandu showing Krishna playing the flute to two dancing cow herders. Very heavy, dense wood, probably from the sal tree. This is carved in the Newari style of the late Malla period (1482 to 1769) from the time of the creation of the three city states in the Kathmandu valley. SOLD.
3. Shiva Temple Strut. Nepal, 16th - 17th century, wood. 19" (48 cm.) tall. Standing figure of Shiva, garlanded, wearing the moon in his crown. One hand holds a trident, one other is partially worn away. The back of the wood has wonderful cracks and fissures while the figure itself is largely undamaged. It was once painted and the remains of the paint give the piece a silvery glow. $550.
4. 18th Century Bodhisattva Wood Panel. Nepal. 10" (26 cm.) tall, 6" (15 cm.) wide, 4 1/2" (11 cm.) deep. Beautiful serene face carved of one piece of heavy, dark wood. $650.
5. 18th Century Garuda Corner Piece. Nepal, wood. 14" (35 cm.) tall, 6" (15 cm.) wide, 4 1/2" (11.5 cm.) deep. Garuda, with arms outstretched, each holding a snake. Heavy wood and wonderful carving. SOLD.
6. 19th Century Panel Showing Farm Life. Nepal, wood. 36" (91 cm.) long, 7" (17 cm.) tall, 3/4" (2 cm.) deep. Two farmers driving oxen, one milking a cow, birds a butterfly and a lizard. SOLD.
7. 19th Century Panel Showing a Parade. Nepal, wood. 36" (91 cm.) long, 7" (17 cm.) tall, 3/4" (2 cm.) deep. Men dancing, drumming, playing instruments while two women holding children look the other way. $275.
8. Gilded Wooden Door Panel of Buddha. 13th-14th Century, Bhutan or Tibet. 15 1/4" (38.5 cm.) wide, 7" (18 cm.) high, 1" deep. One of a series of panels from a temple door, carved in deep relief, the central Buddha figure gilded and the surrounding foliate carving with traces of the original green and red paint. The Buddha is seated in the teaching position on a lotus; the head of a mythological beast is above him. See a similar one offered at Sotheby's in March, 2001. ON HOLD.
9. Gilded Wooden Door Panel of a Female Deity. 13th to 14th Century, Bhutan or Tibet. 15 1/4" (38.5 cm.) wide, 7 3/4" (19 cm.) high, 1" deep. One of the same series of panels from a temple door, this one is newer than the others and seems to be a 19th century replacement. The goddess is seated on a lotus and holds a bell and dorje, a sword and a rope in her four hands. See a similar one offered at Sotheby's in March, 2001.ON HOLD.
10. Bloodwood Toran. Nepal, mid 20th century. 12 1/2" (31 cm.) wide, 8" (20 cm.) high. This beautiful piece was carved 50 years ago to go over the doorway in a Kathmandu house but it was never used; it ended up being held as collateral for a loan. The wood is close grained and very hard with a beautiful reddish color that has turned deeper where the wood has been handled. $1500.
11. Garuda. Nepal, 16th-17th century. 12" (30 cm.) tall. Garuda, symbol of victory and martial prowess and enemy of the nagas, holds a defeated naga in his mouth. Ancient, weathered wood with traces of the original paint; the head and tail of the naga has been broken off, as has the tip of one wing. SOLD.
12. Lion Temple Strut. Nepal, 18th century. 21" (53 cm.) without the stand. Ancient, weathered temple strut of a lion rampant, painted more recently in bright primary colors. SOLD.
13. Guardian Figure. West Nepal, 19th century. 19 1/2" (50 cm.) This old weathered tribal figure was placed at the entrance of a village or near a bridge as a protector for the villagers. $525.

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