The Golden Temple

A Burmese altar in Petersburg, New York.

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1. 13th Cent. Votive Plaque from Pagan. Burma. Terracotta, 8" (20 cm.) with stand, the plaque is 6 3/4" (17 cm.) From the great temple city of Pagan which flourished from 849 to 1298 AD. Stamped in terracotta, once used as a temple offering. $450.
2. 17th Century Buddha Hand. Ayutthaya, Thailand. Bronze, 9" (23 cm) from tip of finger to wrist. In the teaching mudra with a medallion in the center. The Burmese sacked Ayutthaya in 1763 completely destroying the whole city which is one of the reasons there are a number of broken Buddha pieces on the market. Purchased at Gumps in San Francisco in 1963. SOLD.
3. 12th Century Stone Head of a Bodhisattva. Burma, Pagan Period. 15 1/2" high; 19" on the stand. A sandstone head of a Bodhisattva with a wonderful smile. $5,000.
4. 18th Century Shan Buddha. Burma. Bronze. 6 3/4" (17 cm) tall. In the earth touching position, seated on a simple throne. With etched details and traces of the original gilding. Beautiful smile. $850.
5. 18th Century Bronze Buddha. Shan period, Burma. 9 1/2". Seated with downcast eyes on a high, waisted lotus throne in the earth touching mudra. He has a high usnisa topped by a tall thin lotus finial and wears a simple, etched robe. Wonderful all-over green patina. SOLD.
6. 19th Large Lacquer Shan Buddha. Burma. 34" (86 cm.) high, 22" (56 cm.) wide. Unusual Buddha, formed of layers of lacquer with no wood, colored with cinnabar, then gilded and inlaid with mirrors. Wonderful smile. $2250.
7. 18th Century Shan Buddha. Burma. 12 1/2" (31.5 cm) high. Bronze, seated in bhumisparsa on a high waisted lotus throne. With simple etching on his robes and the seat of his throne. $1650.
8. Large Gilded Buddha. 18th Century, Burma or Cambodia. 36 1/2" tall. Wood with gilt. Seated on a multi-tiered lotus throne set with colored and mirrored glass. $2,750.
9. Gilded Statue of Shwe Nabe Nat the Sea Serpent's Daughter. Burma, 19th Century. 25 1/2" (65 cm) high. Carved wood with red lacquer details. She is standing on a coiled naga and wearing a dragon headdress. Another snake coils around her shoulders and waist. Her left hand looks as though it once held a sword. $650.

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