A lion guards a small temple in Kathmandu.

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1. Chenresig. 19th century, Nepal. 6 1/4" (16 cm.) tall. With two palms together and other hands holding a rope and a lotus flower. Cast in two pieces. $475.
2. Yamantaka. Gilt bronze, 18th century, Tibet. 7 3/4" (19.5 cm.) tall. Cast in 3 pieces, the wrathful manifestation of Manjushri wears a necklace of skulls and a smiling snake as he dances on the back of a bull. A fierce devi leaps from the back of the bull holding a skull cup and chopper. The bottom of the statue is sealed. Purchased from Butterfield's Auction Gallery in LA in the 1990s. SOLD.
3. Yamantaka in Yab Yum Nepal. Brass, 18th Century. 7 1/4" (18 cm) high. Wonderful Yamantaka statue with nine heads and 34 arms, each hand holds a different ritual object. He stands on a lotus base with 6 small figures representing sloth and ignorance. $3600.
4. 18th Shiva Warrior Statue India, brass. 8 1/4" (21 cm.) In two pieces. Shiva sits astride his horse, a shield in one hand and a sword (missing) in the other. The statue is well worn; the tips of his feet are broken. There is a place in the base that probably held an aureole. $850.
5. Bronze Amitayus. 19th century, Nepal. 4 3/4" (12 cm.) tall. Seated on a lotus throne and holding the stem of a lotus flower in each hand. Another simple statue from a family shrine. Orignially cast in two pieces but missing its flame aureole. $425.
6. Bronze Hayagriva. 17th century, Tibet. 5 1/2" (14 cm.) tall. Purchased at Sotheby's in 1995. The statue is solid bronze while the open base has rice paper prayers stuffed inside that are almost certainly of a later date than the statue. I haven't opened them. With a garland of skulls and crowned with a horse's head, he stands on two prostrate figures as he brandishes his sword. SOLD.
7. Chakrasamvara. 19th century, Nepal. Bronze. Surrounded by an aureole of flames, skulls, and vajras and embracing his consort Vajrayogini, he tramples on two figures symbolizing ignorance. The statue is cast in 5 parts: the tip of the aureole is separate from the aureole, as is the staff. The aureole is attached to the base of the statue with 2 metal loops, one of which is missing. The statue is covered in vermillion powder which could be removed. 10 1/2" (27 cm.) from the base to the tip of the aureole. 6 1/2" (16 cm) from the bottom to the top of Chakrasamvara's head. $1800.
8. Padmasambhava. 19th century, Nepal. 6" (15 cm.) tall, bronze. Holding a dorje and a skull cup with his trident staff; surrounded by a aureole of flames. $425.
9. 18th Century Wood Architectural Panel of Krishna. 11" tall, 6" wide, 5" deep. A decorative piece from an old house in Kathmandu showing Krishna playing the flute to two dancing cow herders. Very heavy, dense wood, probably from the sal tree. This is carved in the Newari style of the late Malla period (1482 to 1769) from the time of the creation of the three city states in the Kathmandu valley. SOLD.
10. Amoghapasa Lokesvara. Mid 18th Century, Nepal. Brass, 8 1/2" (21 cm.) tall (10" including the stand). An eight armed, solid brass statue of the Bodhisattva Amoghapasa Lokesvara, a manifestation of Avalokitesvara (Chenresig). Six of his arms hold attributes (a vase, lotus, rope, book, trident and rosary). One hand is in the varada mudra, bestowing compassion, the last in the vitarka mudra as he explains the teachings of the Buddha. A floral design is etched into his robes. Well worn with use, with traces of offering powder. ON HOLD.
11. Amitayus. 19th Century, Nepal. Brass. 6" (15 cm.) tall. Crowned and jewelled and holding the stem of a lotus flower in each hand. From a household shrine but quite delicately cast. SOLD.
12. Seated Maitreya 19th century, Western Tibet. Brass. Wearing a crown and holding the stem of a lotus flower in each hand. Under the blossom on each side stands another deity figure; the throne is decorated with a small lion on each side. The base is hollow and is covered with a bronze plate attached with wire. 8" (20 cm.) high. SOLD.
13. Brass Chenresig. Nepal, 19th Century. 5 3/4" (14.5 cm.) tall. Simple brass statue with almost black patina. Four-armed Chenresig holds a rope and a lotus in tow of his hands and is surrounded by a flaming aureole. $450.
14. Terracotta Bhairab. Nepal, Early 20th century. 12" (30 cm.) by 11 1/2". Used once a year during the Indra Jatra festival. Bhairav, the angry manifestation of Shiva, wears a skull crown and has sharp teeth and flaming hair. This mask is placed in front of a pot filled with chang or home brewed beer, which is funneled through a pipe emerging from the Bhairava's mouth. The consecrated chang is consumed during the ceremony. $550.
15. Green Tara with Turtle. 19th Century, Nepal. Brass. 5 1/2" (14 cm.) tall. Two of her arms holding a stupa and a flaming jewel and with one foot stepping out on a turtle rather than the usual lotus. A small piece is broken off the bottom of the base. $450.
16. Brass Amitayus. mid-20th Century, Nepal. 5 1/2" (14 cm.) high. Brass Amitayus in a flaming aureole. His lotus throne has been sealed with a metal piece printed with a picture of a dancing Shiva Nataraj. $400.
17. Chakrasamvara in Yab Yum mid-20th Century, Tibet. Gilded copper. 7 1/2" (17 cm.) tall. With four heads and twelve hands. Two hands hold the elephant skin that covers his back while the others hold various sacred implements. He embraces his consort Vajrayogini as they trample the bodies of ignorance and desire. SOLD.
18. Brass Manjushri. 19th century, Nepal, 5" tall. On a lotus throne, holding the sword of wisdom in his right hand and surrounded with an elaborate aureole. $350.
19. Late Gupta Sandstone Frieze Segment. India, 7th century. Red sandstone, 12 1/2" high, 13" wide; 14 1/2" high on the stand. The contemplative, smiling face of a man. We purchased this piece at Sotheby's London in 1990. $2,500.
20. Jambhala or Kubera Statue. Nepal, 19th Century. Brass, 6 1/4" (16 cm.) tall. From a household shrine in Kathmandu. Very nice patina from smoke and blessing powders. Seated on a lotus throne, holding a mongoose and a jewel. He once was surrounded by an aureole, now missing. $475.
21. Wooden Bridge Guardian. 18th century, Nepal. 19 1/2" (49 cm.) tall. These wonderful primitive carved figures were used to guard bridges, springs and villages in the mountain regions of Nepal. The wood has a wonderful texture where it has been smoothed by the elements and the carving has a real charm; note the individually carved fingers. There are traces of an original painted or oiled outer layer. $475.
22. Gilt Bronze Saraswati. 18th century, Nepal. 4" (10 cm.) tall (without the stand). A lovely little Newari image of Saraswati, goddess of knowledge and creative arts, holding a sword in one hand and playing a musical instrument. The sword, not traditional in the Hindu Saraswati, is probably a reference to Manjushri who also holds the sword of wisdom. This is a piece from a larger statue. SOLD.
23. Oil Lamp with Donor Figure. 18th - 19th century, Nepal. Brass. 6 1/4" (16 cm.) tall. With the seated figure of a man dressed in clothing indicating a wealthy family. Three oil lamps are support by lotus stems. This piece is from our personal collection. SOLD.
24. Small Amitayus. 19th century, Nepal. Brass. 4 1/4" (10.5 cm.) tall. A very pretty little figure cast in one piece with an inscription on the base. $325.

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